AnyConsole: Play Android Mobile Games on Your TV

A new kind of video game console that allows you to play Android mobile games on big screens with zero latency and professional sound


 A Video Game Console for Mobile Games

We believe in two guiding ideas:

1. Your smartphone is a supercomputer and has the potential to achieve more.

2. Big screen video gameplay should be less expensive and more accessible.

How do we make those ideas a reality?

You are likely already carrying around super-computing power in your hand that rivals many traditional game consoles. AnyConsole™ can unlock that computing power and lets you play Android mobile games on a TV/monitor – with no visually perceptible latency.

Playing Call of Duty: Mobile with a controller

With the AnyConsole, you can play mobile games on big screens with a controller or keyboard/mouse. It feels similar to a traditional video game console or a PC gaming experience, but you are actually playing your smartphone’s games!

This also means that you no longer need to pay $29-$59 for every video game. You now have the ability to play hundreds of thousands of free Android games on big screens!

Many people have attempted playing mobile games on big screens with other technologies. However, two technology shortfalls prevented this from happening:

  •  Screen mirroring latency problems (> 1000ms)
  •  Peripheral device limitations (you have to use your phone for the controls)

We solved these issues with:

1. Zero-latency ESM™ Technology

Yes, there are other technologies that can mirror your phone to a big screen, including Apple Airplay, Google Chromecast, and smart TV. But those methods all have significant latency issues.

As gamers ourselves, we know every millisecond matters when it comes to serious gaming. So we developed our own patented Electrical Spine Mirroring™ (ESM) technology that eliminated the latency problem. So you have immediate control of the battlefield.

2. Game Controller and Keyboard Support

Very few mobile games have integrated external controller support, which means even when you play mobile games on a TV with other technology, you still have to use your phone for the on-screen touch control. To solve this problem, we developed reverse control technology, which empowers you to play mobile games with a game controller (available for another $29) or keyboard & mouse.

Our AI algorithm learns how your fingers control your phone, and it simulates the same actions (it’s like virtual fingers floating on your phone’s touchscreen).

We love mobile games because we can play them on the go. We love console video games because we like to enjoy the immersive big-screen gaming experience. With the AnyConsole, you can have the best of both worlds. Enjoy a continuous gaming experience, no matter where you are.

With our AnyPNP™ technology, you can start a mobile game on your phone when you’re outside and continue playing it on a TV when you get home in a seamless way.

AnyConsole works with all Android devices. Since AnyConsole uses your phone for computing power, every time you upgrade your Android phone, you also get your AnyConsole ready for the latest games.

While the price of most technology is steadily declining, we seem to keep paying more and more to big video game console companies for new hardware. Case in point, the new PlayStation 5 costs $100 more than the PlayStation 4. Besides, we need to pay $29-$59 for every new game.

We think it shouldn’t have to be that way. We want gaming to be economically accessible for everyone. AnyConsole costs a fraction of what you’d spend for traditional consoles. And since most mobile games are free to play, you can also save hundreds on new games.

Many major game studios have already went “all-in” to design high-end gaming experiences for mobile (they make more from mobile games than they make from console and PC games combined). Call of Duty: Mobile may have been the first of these big titles, but 2021 is already scheduled to be the year of big-name game titles from major game studios being designed for your phone. Expect mobile titles like “Diablo Immortal, Apex Legends Mobile, Tomb Raider Reloaded, Path of Exile Mobile, and NieR Re[in]carnation to look great on your phone. We want your gaming experience to be better with a big screen and great sound.

Emulators are PC software that lets you run Android apps on a computer. Your computer is providing computing power.

The AnyConsole uses an AI algorithm that learns how your fingers control your phone, and it simulates the same thing to the game (it’s like virtual fingers floating on your phone’s touchscreen). In other words, the game is still running on your phone, so you don’t get banned.

We partnered with the experienced audio engineers at Kali Audio to develop the optimal sound for gaming. These respected industry veterans developed an entire acoustic system specifically for gaming and tuned the AnyConsole’s speakers into the optimal way to get the immersive sound for gaming.

These speakers pack a punch for their size. In terms of specs, they have two 40-millimeter transducers and each of them delivers 8 watts of output (if you are not an audiophile that means AnyConsole is 5x more powerful than a JBL Clip 3).

These speakers are small but “mighty”

You can also use the AnyConsole as an attractive desktop phone charger/speaker. Want to use it as a smart speaker? Just enable your phone for voice commands with Google Assistant and say “Hey Google: play my “ Chill Super Mix” or other smart-speaker commands. The same could be done by enabling Alexa Hands-Free mode on your phone.

Hardcore PC gamers swear by the ability to use keyboard and mouse control because of the speed and preciseness. Some mobile gamers wish to use a gamepad controller, so their thumb won’t hurt from prolonged gaming. With the advent of the AnyConsole,  gamers now have the option of utilizing both types of control for their mobile games.

Use a Game Controller
Game Like the Pros With a Mouse & Keyboard

AnyConsole isn’t just for gaming. It has screen mirroring capabilities too for much of the content you love to watch on your phone. You can use it as a streaming box to play your favorite YouTube videos, stream Twitch, browse TikTok, watch TV shows** – all on the big screen in 4K*.

*AnyConsole supports up to 4K resolution in theater mode. The final resolution might be limited by your phone’s resolution.

**Platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video do not allow Digital Rights Management Content to be screen mirrored.

Our engineers take a great deal of pride in the innovative design details on the AnyConsole and that innovation didn’t stop with the development of the AnyConsole’s new speakers. They also considered chord storage and came up with a clever and unique way to store the AnyConsole’s power chord’s for a cleaner look and easier transportation.

The AnyConsole has been in the design and prototype phase for the last 16 months. We’ve put a lot of work and thought into making it. Backing it will allow us the capital needed for manufacturing and bringing it to the retail market.

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