B&B PURE: customizable headphones that adjust to you

B&B PURE: customized headphones that adjust to you
The innovative and customizable headphone that adjusts to your unique hearing profile.

The innovative and customizable headphone that adjusts to you.




B&B PURE adapts to your hearing and has more features that are not on the market so far — a new headphone experience designed & engineered in Switzerland!

 Cooperation Partners

Switzerland’s best-known gadget tester has taken a close look at the B&B PURE.

Music adjusted to You!

PURE is the worlds first customizable headphone that adapts to your unique hearing. By pairing advanced algorithms with exact hearing results we can create an incredibly accurate sound wave that is adjusted to your ears. Experience music like never before and hear the full spectrum of your sound.

Additional Features


PURE adapts to the listener’s personal hearing, increasing sound quality for your ears with the most accurate hearing technology that has been built into a headphone so far. Apart from this key feature B&B PURE offers many other features that you can adjust to fit your lifestyle.

  • Personalized Sound
  • Exchangeable Ear Cups to adjust your comfort or adapt to different situations.
  • Active Noise Canceling for a perfect isolation
  • Integrated charging cable to charge on the go (Fast Fueling)
  • Smart functions
  • Integrated microphone with Clear Voice Canceling (CVC)

Hear every bit of your music! It is now possible to do an intelligent and individual hearing test to make your headphone unique and adjusted to you. Our technology measures your personal hearing signature which is then saved to your headphone. PURE can store multiple profiles, so feel free to add your friends profiles too.

With our flexible switch system you can easily change between on-ear and over-ear Ear Cups to find your comfort and get the best of both worlds. We measured many different heads and ears to make sure you have the most comfortable fit for yourself. Feel free to switch and adapt to different situations: both sizes are included, on-ear & over-ear.

B&B PURE has an integrated cable so you can charge on the go. And thanks to Fast Fueling your headphone is fully charged within minutes. Nowadays you can find USB ports almost everywhere you go. So when traveling with your B&B PURE you will always have everything you need to listen to your music.

Our intelligent play/pause system understands when it needs to pause. So when you take off your headphone it pauses automatically. When you put your headphone back on it continues playing. This function can also be turned off using the B&B PURE APP.

Of course you can use the normal size change mechanism. But how often has it happened that you had to reset your perfect fit because the size changed by itself? It is now possible to lock your perfect fit using the Size Lock. Simply turn the wheel clockwise to lock it and counter-clockwise to unlock it.

Turn on Noise Canceling to filter out annoying frequencies in loud surroundings. You can turn it off whenever you want using the B&B PURE APP.

We installed a dual microphone with CVC (Clear Voice Canceling) for clear phone calls without disturbing background noises. Dual = one microphone to filter out disturbing frequencies (similar to Noise Canceling) and one microphone for a clear voice.

Here are some voice samples we made with our prototype. Please note that when the final product is ready it will be even better due to acoustic adjustments.


Scuderia Toro Rosso — Racing Team

Music unites and this brought us together with the Formula 1 Team Scuderia Toro Rosso. They are always confronted with music as it motivates them before their races. We are looking forward to supplying them with our headphones to help push them for maximum power.
Check out their statements in the video above.

Amplifon — Market Leader in Audiology

Everybody has a different perception of sound as the ear is a very sensitive part of the body. Therefore we came together with experts in audiology to find out what it needs to create a perfect sound profile. We developed an APP that measures your personal hearing, which is then saved to your headphone.
This makes your headphone unique and 100% adjusted to you.

Everybody hears differently as every single person has a different hearing ability. Some do not hear as good as others as they may have a hearing loss in a specific frequency range. So when we started the project we were looking for a solution to get the best sound quality for everybody. A headphone that simply adjusts to your personal hearing ability. We asked ourselves how can we get the perfect sound setting for your ears? So we teamed up with the market leader in audiology and Swiss engineers & designers to create a completely new sound concept adjusted to your ears. We developed an APP on which you can do a hearing test so you can find out your unique sound profile to take your music to the next level.

Measure your personal hearing 

Create your personal profile using the B&B PURE App. You can create multiple profiles for you and your friends. Your hearing will be tested using 5 different frequency levels: 500Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz, 4KHz, and 6KHz. In the video below you will be able to see the measurement procedure for one of the frequency levels (1KHz).

Test for each frequency level:
1. Play the tone
2. Listen carefully and press the button once the tone can be heard silently.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 three times to validate your result.

Validation for true results! 
Each frequency level requires 3 trials to make sure the result is correct. This is in case you may have pressed too early or too late.
Exact hearing results = PURE sound quality!

At the Muba fair (Switzerland) we received the chance to show people our newest prototypes. They were able to hold it and test all the features. What we really appreciated was that people already wanted to buy a headphone at this early point in time. The fair was a great success and we got a lot of great and honest feedbacks. After the fair was over we knew that we were soon ready for our launch on Kickstarter.


The B&B PURE’s headband is made with high qualitative, strong but also flexible material. See for yourself:


 Connectivity — Bluetooth & Cable

 Charging Options

Frequency Response of Generic Sound

Our sound concept is extremely balanced. The right amount of bass to give you enough power without having any loss in the higher frequency areas. Thanks to our balanced mid and treble ranges your music will be very clear and you can enjoy an overall wide spectrum of frequencies. This is the frequency response curve when you are listening in generic mode. Feel free to define your own hearing profile to take your music to the next level.


There is a touch panel on the right side of the headphone.

These are all the controls:

  • Play/pause or enter/exit phone calls: Press mechanical Button in the middle (Press and hold the center button to turn your headphone ON or OFF)
  • Next song: Swipe forward (from left to right)
  • Previous song: Swipe backwards (from right to left)
  • Volume: Tap the top or the bottom of the circle

We wanted to find a way to reflect our gratitude to everyone who supports B&B Pure, while also showing you what further possibilities our headphone concept has — Sport Ear Cups. 

You will be the first and only to to have these special Kickstarter Edition Ear Cups. The backer-exclusive Ear Cups make you stand out from the crowd and show you’re listening through an exclusive part of the future of headphone design.

Note: Upon reaching the $500’000 stretch goal, you will be able to choose between the normal cushion fabric or the sweat resistant cushion fabric. We will contact backers to confirm their preference before we ship.

You can now have the B&B PURE in one of the two color options: orange/black and gray/black.

Note: Upon reaching the $750’000 stretch goal, you will be able to choose between color options. We will contact backers to confirm their preference before we ship.

 Designed & Engineered in Switzerland



…started of as a duo of two creative and passionate entrepreneurs. Now the team consists of a mix of talented engineers, designers and audiology experts based in Switzerland. We cover the most important competences with a lot of experience and know-how. The B&B Team has pronounced skills in: development, engineering, audiology, usability, design and marketing. We are always here for you — feel free to contact us.



MAY 2015 — SEPTEMBER 2016…

…we released our first headphone generation. It was a success and a door opener for more possibilities. During this time we gathered a lot of experience and learned what is required to launch a successful product. The first generation was successfully integrated into the market.

B&B PURE — Start of a new era

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