DIVEROID |Turn your smartphone into an All-in-one Dive gear

Turn your smartphone into an affordable all-in-one Dive computer, Underwater camera, and Photo-synced logbook with DIVEROID!


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Buying a diving computer, compass, and camera separately for your dive can get pricey over time and not to mention they are very bulky and can weigh you down while diving. At DIVEROID 2.0, we thought of bringing the convenience of having a smartphone always on hand, with the technology of monitoring your dive. Our product includes a dive computer, compass, and logbook all in the palm of your hand.


A Diving computer is an essential piece of safety equipment, especially for your first dive. It prevents accidents by measuring the depth, dive duration, and the ascending speed. DIVEROID is the only existing dive computer with an all-in-one solution.

Our colorful and high contrast app displaces all the necessary diving information you need such as depth, dive time, ascending time, and temperature at a glance.


DIVEROID’s safety alerts will notify you at any time during your dive if you have reached your depth stop, or are ascending too fast. In the case of an emergency, our app will let you know what to do at the current depth you are at to stay safe.


DIVEROID alerts let you know you have reached your safety stop.


An alert will pop up when it is time to stop.

Additional DIVEROID features include:

  • Tilt Compensated 3D Compass
  • Your Real-time Diving Profile

You already have a high-quality functioning camera in your hands…your smartphone! Capture endless photos and videos of your dive which can be shared later on via link through the DIVEROID App.


The DIVEROID housing device protects your phone underwater while fully allowing you to use your phone with the simple button operations on the device.

*Disclaimer: Some features such as the ultra-wide-angle, zoom, selfie and 4k video quality only works on supported smartphones


The deeper you dive, the less light you will see thus the less color is reflected. That’s why most of underwater pictures and videos are blue or green. To fix this, you may have to use a red lens filter on your camera. We make this possible with our algorithm. It makes the real-time color correction function restore your pictures automatically to the original color.


* Notice: In order to watch this video in optimal quality, we recommend using Chrome browser which supports 4K resolution. Other browsers such as Safari may not support 4K resolution for Youtube videos.

The video was taken with an iPhone8 in 4K mode. Don’t forget to select 4K as a quality option!

Are you tired of keeping track of your dive log by pencil and paper? DIVEROID keeps track of your entire dive, from start to finish at a glance. The app auto-syncs the photos and videos taken on your dive for you to, later on, look back on. You can view the specific photo taken at each depth of your dive.

Your logbook can be shared with others by link via Social media, text message or email. The person who you shared the link with, can see your complete logbook on their web browser.

Customize with stickers your diving story and share your dive with your friends, family, and others via SNS, Text or email.

DIVEROID  is compatible with almost every major smartphone in the market today.


DIVEROID has an inner housing adjustment so you can fit your smartphone perfectly in the device. The universal buttons on the outside are for easy use and accessibility of your phone during your dive.

※ iPhone 12 mini is NOT compatible

 Important NOTICE

Due to software issues we discovered that some smartphones were incompatible. We recommend that you cancel your pledge(s) if your smartphone is listed below. Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.

[NOT compatible]

* This chart will be continuously updated as we receive the test results.

 We need your help on this.

Since there are a plethora of smartphone models, it’s difficult for us to test all of them.

If you think your smartphone fits diveroid based on size measurement, feel free to buy one and try it. If you find out the diveroid app doesn’t provide compatibility with your device after the actual product delivery, you can ask us for a full refund including delivery fee.

But still, if you are missing your device from the compatibility list, it’s hard to assure compatibility since we don’t have your device.

We go through a strict water pressure chamber, closed water test and an open water test procedure with our devices to ensure that the best performance and resistance are met.

Only the best of the best materials are used to make DIVEROID to ensure you the best, and safest diving experience every time.

DIVEROID has five ‘Heat sink™’ drains which release the heat so it prevents fogging inside the housing.


DIVEROID had a double O-ring structure built in the housing with a 60M/200ft waterproof functionality.

We make DIVEROID devices with only the top tier materials like Gorilla Glass™, for strength and scratch resistance, and Polycarbonate with Glass fiber for high strength and durability.

DIVEROID supports free diving mode with features including depth alarm, stopwatch for static apnea, and even convenient boat calling straight from the app.

DIVEROID has all the information free divers need, including depth, dive time, water temperature, and surface time reach.


Control your dive with depth alarm features that can be set for up to 6 different depths. These settings inform you of the current depth of the water you are in.

Need to call a boat to pick up you? With DIVEROID, you can now call a boat all through the app with DIVEROID’s boat calling function. A text message will be sent with your exact location in google maps via url and make the call to the boat.


Train your body to stay underwater longer. You can record for how long you can hold your breath and challenge to your limits.


Your freediving logs are recorded automatically in the App with photo synced to depth.

When CEO & founder, Jungil Kim saw the need for a more affordable, dependable, modular solution to scuba diving computers. Ever since then, Diveroid has been in the making to ensure the best possible computer diving device.

CEO & founder, Jungil Kim is an experienced diver of more than 10 years. We started with the profound knowledge and experiences in underwater activities, technology, and entrepreneurship. The first product we launched was DIVEROID Android, the all-in-one dive gear. We included a dive computer, compass and dive logbook into a single device.

This project is promoted by Jellop, the ad tech power behind the best Kickstarters with 1,100+ successful Kickstarter projects with over $460M raised between them.

We are honored to have your support, and we are thankful for your trust. We want to say thank you, and that we appreciate the faith you have in our brand to back our product.

Your feedback, good or bad, makes us a better brand and lets us serve you better, so please don’t keep quiet.

Kindly write your requirements we can discuss further in more details based on your needs.

You can also email us at eeenew.com@gmail.com directly for Special Inquiry.

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