Mini GPS Bike Computer

MEILAN M3 Mini GPS Bike Computer, GPS Speedometer,

Wireless Cycling Computer Bike Odometer Bicycle Speedometer and Odometer Waterproof


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M3 uses high sensitivity GPS chip is adopted with positioning accuracy of 5m, It supporting three systems: Beidou, GPS and GLONASS fast global positioning. M3 NO NEED TO SET TIME, you only need to set the time zone before use. After GPS positioning, the time will automatically correct according to the local time. The local time zone can be queried from the Internet.


1.7-inch anti-glare MONO LCD, which can be clearly viewed at all angles in sun, full-screen white backlight, night riding can clearly see the data no matter under the sun or night riding, never worry the darkness. ( Press the top two buttons at the same time to turn on the backlight, the backlight level is 1).


USB rechargeable, can be charged by using any charging device with USB DC 5V port. 8 hours using time after full charged with backlight, GPS searching signal may cause high power consumption, it is normal.


The equipment supports 9 kinds of commonly used cycling data display: riding time, current / average / maximum speed, speed comparison, current time, altitude, ODO, riding distance and total time. NOTICE: Please make sure your M3 connected with GPS before cycling.

👉 Storing and Viewing History Records:

Automatic storage, can store 30 riding records. Long press the right key to enter the history data view; exit the history interface, and the same long press the right key. Tip: M3 GPS bicycle computer does not support track storage and data upload functions. If you have any questions, please contact us and Meilan always here to help you solve your problems quickly and accurately, offer you excellent customer services.


USB rechargeable, can be charged by using any charging device with USB DC 5V port. More than 8 hours using time after full charged. The power consumption of GPS computer is much faster than that of traditional bike computer with line, which is normal.

👉  Waterproof Grade: IPX5:

Suitable for small to medium rain environment, please do not immerse the product in water or heavy rain environment; please plug the USB cover during use.

✨ Mini Design:

Mini compact body, Unit size: 60 * 44 * 19mm / 2.36 * 1.7 * 0.8in, convenient to carry. It can be used in outdoor events such as racing cars, flying models, motorboats, kayaks, but you need to Fixed firmly.

🔧 Easy to install:

The wireless GPS bike computer is easier to install and use than the traditional one with line. It does not need to install speed sensor and induction magnet to make your bicycle look neat.

🛒 Packing list:

⭐M3 Mini bike computer

⭐USB charging cable

⭐Bike mount


⭐Cable tie

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