ScoutPro: 240 Watt Powerbank That Fits In Your Back Pocket

Simply the Most Powerful Powerbank Ever Made. 200w PD laptop / phone / tablet fast charging, MagSafe & Apple & Samsung Watch charging.


Meet ScoutPro, by INTELLI, the ultimate all-in-one portable power bank.  ScoutPro, the latest innovation in charging technology, is compact, lightweight, and has up to 200w of power delivery.  ScoutPro lets you charge anything, anywhere.  Even laptops.

ScoutPro charges laptops, tablets, smart phones, smart watches and just about anything else. The built-in universal wireless charger is MagSafe compatible; all powered by next-gen graphene batteries.


ScoutPro is the swiss army knife of power banks.  Built from the ground up with your charging needs in mind, we also remembered your wallet.  Duplicating all of ScoutPro’s features and charging capabilities would cost you well over $400, but we’ve perfected it down to a small, easy package for a fraction of the cost.

Where we go, our devices follow. With up to 24000mAh of power, ScoutPro has you covered, providing enough juice to keep you productive and focused throughout the day. With ScoutPro, you can take fast laptop, tablet, and phone charging anywhere you want!

ScoutPro features a MagSafe compatible charger, and smart watch charger, supporting wireless charging for any smartphone, AirPods, and Apple watches. It also features three built-in power ports, meaning you can charge up to 5 devices at the same time!

Need to charge fast?  No problem: with up to 200w of instant power delivery, ScoutPro can power all your gear as fast as your device can go.

Speakers, Cameras, GoPros, Headphones, Drones, and Nintendo Switches; you name it, ScoutPro will charge it!

Leaving on a jet plane?  No worries with ScoutPro!  Domestic and international airlines almost universally limit the maximum airlines safe battery capacity to 100Wh.  Both ScoutPro packs a big punch that falls just under 100Wh limits.  You can travel fully charged and worry free with ScoutPro.

From on the road to in the sky; you can go anywhere, and ScoutPro helps you take your fully-charged devices with you.

With up to 200W of power delivery, ScoutPro was designed with your MacBook in mind.   With ScoutPro, power worries will be a thing of the past.  With ScoutPro you can double your battery life!

With dual 100W PD ports, ScoutPro has enough juice to charge just about any laptop on the market.  Simply add-on our universal Laptop adapter and you’ll be in portable power heaven.

Thirty minutes left of a movie and only 5% battery on your tablet?  ScoutPro’s high-powered ports can get any tablet charging at full speed, keeping you happily entertained and charged.

Need to charge up fast?  With ScoutPro’s intelligent chip design, you can recharge your iPhone at max speed, up to 8 full charges!

We didn’t forget about Android users either.  ScoutPro fully supports Huawei Super Charge, Oppo & Oneplus 22.5W charging, OPPO 40W charging, Samsung fast charging for S21/S21+ & Note 20.

Say goodbye to waiting for your phone to charge!

Want MagSafe Compatible wireless charging?  ScoutPro has you covered there too, with a built-in 15W MagSafe Compatible wireless charger.

No cable, no problem!  ScoutPro is a complete power station with a built-in MagSafe compatible wireless charger and separate Apple Watch charger.  The wireless charger can charge any phone up to 15w that will work with any phone and even AirPods.  If you have an iPhone 12, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the built-in MagSafe compatible magnets.

Always forgetting your Apple Watch charger?  ScoutPro has you covered there as well.  With a built-in dedicated Apple Watch charger, you can recharge at full speed without the need for an extra adapter or cable.

What’s even better is ScoutPro can charge an iPhone 12 and Apple Watch at the same time!  ScoutPro can simultaneously charge an iPhone 12 Max and Apple watch at the same time.

In a world constantly demanding us to plug in, a device’s battery life can make or break your start to the day. ScoutPro understands this; with three built-in charging ports a MagSafe compatible wireless charger, and Apple Watch Charger, you can charge up to 5 devices at once.

Forgot to charge your MacBook, Laptop, or tablet last night? Don’t sweat it: ScoutPro can get you back to full life in no time flat, regardless of your model.

Not only does ScoutPro charge your devices at max speed, its internal batteries can be charged at max speed as well.  When paired with our available 100w GaN charger, you can fully charge ScoutPro in approximately one hour!

Don’t have a 100w charger?  No problem.  ScoutPro will recharge from your existing USB-C laptop or tablet charger too.


At the core of ScoutPro is our next generation Graphene Battery Technology.  Popularized by Tesla, graphene is comprised of carbon atoms tightly bound in a honeycomb-like structure that is only a single atomic layer thick. This provides for superior electrical and thermal conductivity, high flexibility, high strength, and low weight.

Graphene batteries are lighter and slimmer than their lithium-ion counterparts with boasting over 5x power capacity per kilogram. Lastly, Graphene batteries are some of the safest batteries on the market, more resistant to heat, punctures, and drops.

ScoutPro has roughly the same footprint as an iPhone 12 Max.  In this small package we’ve packed graphene batteries, MagSafe and Apple Watch compatible magnets, 200w mainboard, premium aircraft grade aluminum housing, and wireless charging board.

For power output, both USB-C ports on the ScoutPro can output the following;

5V / 3A, 9V / 3A, 12V / 3A, 15V / 3A or 20V / 5A.

The QC USB-A port supports 24W Quick Charge (Huawei Super Charge port), yes 24W! in addition to 5V / 4.5A, 9V / 2A or 12V / 2A.

The Wireless Charging panels support up to 15W wireless charging and Apple Watch Charging.

When we say ScoutPro can charge just about anything, we mean it.  Simply add-on our available adapters and you can transform the included Type-C cable into a laptop charging cable.  Our friendly support team can assist you in determining which adapter is best for your needs.

If you’ve ever used other brick powerbanks, in the past, you’ve no doubt noticed output is rapidly throttled when charging.  You may start charging at high-power, but it quickly drops down.

Not with ScoutPro!  Our next gen chip batteries and architecture ensures an industry leading steady 100w output until the batteries are drained to 30-40%.  Note, ScoutPro will slow down the output if temperatures start getting too hot, however simply let ScoutPro cool down and you’ll be right back at 100W.

When we set out to develop ScoutPro in 2019, our goal was to make an incredibly portable AND powerful power station that could charge anything you threw at it. Our required features were;

  • Enough power to charge any laptop
  • Smartphone fast charge compatible
  • Universal wireless charging
  • Smart watch charging
  • Passthrough charging
  • Fast recharging
  • Airline carry-on friendly
  • Batteries that could last at least 2000 charge cycles


Early Sketch

Early Render

To develop ScoutPro, we partnered with an engineering & development firm to take our concepts and turn them into a reality.  Our firm helped us source from existing raw materials, customized chips, and identify the perfect batteries to create a powerbank with our unique features & functionality.  The initial prototypes and handmade samples accomplished all our inital goals.

We’ve put ScoutPro through countless hours of lab and real world testing, all so we can be sure you’re getting the absolute world’s best power bank.

If there was one good thing that came out of 2020, it was the amount of time we were able to dedicate to the design and preparation of ScoutPro!  All components and materials have been vetted for reliability and performance.  We’ve put ScoutPro through countless hours of lab and real world testing, all so we can be sure you’re getting the absolute world’s best power bank.

As our design is complete, we have already began the mass production process.  Raw materials and components are on order so we can get your ScoutPro to you in record time.

As a special thank-you to all our Super Early-Bird backers, we are throwing in a free Synch Tech Organizer ($39.99 Value).  Very limited quantities.

We hit $125k and our backers have gained access to our best selling Type-C cable, LynkCable!  Made from a lightweight zinc alloy, LynkCable is a durable cable that will quickly become your favorite.

Our backers have spoken and many want Samsung Watch Charging support! Now that we’ve hit $350k in support, we have unlocked a Samsung Watch Charging model of ScoutPro (you can select this model when completing your final survey).  Adding Samsung Watch charging support provides a huge value to our Samsung Watch fans!

Another common request for ScoutPro is to include PPS support. We’re happy to announce a new stretch goal that will allow us to add in USB 3.0 PPS support! Once we hit $400k in support, we’ll upgrade all ScoutPro models to include PPS support.

PPS allows for dynamic re-negotiation of various voltages and currents between the charger and the phone. It is a bit similar to how Qualcomm’s Quick Charge works, if you are familiar with that.

As a ScoutPro early adopter, we’ve unlocked special Indiegogo Only pricing just for you on some of our highest demand gear.  Simply add-on these products to your order when checking out to take advantage of the huge savings.


We’re so confident in the design and durability we are offering an unheard of Lifetime Warranty on ScoutPro.  This warranty covers against any defect in materials or workmanship under normal use and operation.  It is valid for the life of ScoutPro as long as you own it.

Safety and reliability is always a top concern for us here at INTELLI and we set the bar high for ScoutPro.  Our Graphene batteries are UL Certified and ScoutPro itself is FCC, CE, and RoHS certified.

We’ve been around for just under a decade now and have shipped more than a half million orders since our start.  After completion of the campaign, a detailed survey link will be sent to each backer to verify shipping details.  Our dedicated shipping partners all over the world will ensure your package is shipped with tracking and arrives as ordered.

Domestic USA orders will ship from our factory via sea to our west coast warehouse.  From there, your ScoutPro will be shipped direct to you via UPS, FedEx, or USPS.

International orders will ship direct from our warehouse in Asia via FedEx, TNT, or DHL.

INTELLI was formed by a group of consumer electronics veterans who have a passion for innovation.  As our world continues to evolve, technology enables us to be creative and productive no matter where are.  Our goal is provide you with premium goods that support your tech lifestyle.

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