Smartmi Air Purifier, Your Personal Air Guardian

A modern air purifier that can see and tell the air quality,

clean automatically and assure you with every breath of fresh air.



An air purifier designed with a minimalistic look, first-class technology, and top-notch performance.

According to the EPA, most of us spend 90% of the time indoors where air pollution can be 5 times higher than the air outside. Clean air is no longer something that we can take for granted, not even in our own homes. Each person takes around 23,040 breaths each day yet only 1 out of 10 people have access to clean air!

We believe that clean air is a basic human right, not a luxury. That’s why we created Smartmi, an intelligent, affordable air purifier that dramatically improves indoor air quality.

  •  AI-powered Purification

Using built-in precision laser particulate sensors, Smartmi can continuously collect the surrounding air and analyze the data to perfectly calibrate the proper intensity to filter the air, so that you can breathe easy and save energy. You simply turn it on, sit back and enjoy clean, pure air.

  • Real-time Data

Smartmi makes the quality of the air you breathe visibly. The beautiful OLED screen displays the most-up-to-date air quality indexes. Including PM2.5 and TVOC concentration, temperature, humidity, and current operating mode.

  •  High-performing Purification In Any Room

Smartmi filters the indoor air at the rate of 400m³/hour, and continuously captures formaldehyde at the rate of 60m³/hour. Designed for spaces as large as 517sq.ft (48㎡), you can put it in any room.

  •   3-stage Smartmi Filter with Antimicrobial Coating

The 3-stage filter system of Smartmi is effectively designed to give you triple protection. The preliminary filter traps the most common large particles like dust, fiber, lint, and pet hair. The H13 True HEPA captures most of the airborne particulate down to 0.3 μm like pollen and PM 2.5, while the activated carbon filter absorbs smoke, household odors and TVOCs.

  •  Know Your Air Quality at A Glance

PM2.5 Concentration is the most important particulate metric to measure and control. It is an air pollutant that’s 50 times smaller than an average human hair. It is hard to detect and even harder to capture. But long-term exposure to PM2.5 can cause health issues and affect the quality of life. This is when Halo comes into play, an air quality indicator that changes color based on the current PM2.5 Concentration.

  •  Intuitive Gesture-control

Setting up the Smartmi air purifier is as easy as breathing. It has an on-board touch screen and also recognizes gestures for simple, intuitive control.

  • Smart Voice Control

Smartmi is also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa products. You can control Smartmi Air Purifier remotely without getting close to it.

With the Mi app, you can take control of your indoor air quality whenever and wherever you choose. The app allows you to smart schedule, track, and monitor air quality in real-time. The App can send you notifications when the air quality indoors becomes unhealthy. You can turn the purifier on using your smartphone remotely to clean the air even if you’re not home so that you can always return to a room of fresh, clean air.

Sleek, modern, and minimalistic, Smartmi discreetly complements any room style. The 360° air intake design creates a circulation airflow pattern that absorbs air pollutants from all angles, leaving no corner of your room unfiltered.

Made by Unbox Fantasy, a professional crew assemblage from the former editors of tech review media.

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We have imagined many shapes how Smartmi air purifier will look like. After countless nights to refine the design, we decided to adopt the 360-degree air intake design. We consider it is the perfect solution to absorb pollutants from all angles to create a perfect airflow circulation in any room – more sleek and efficient.

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