WattAnt – Innovative Power Station With Swappable Batteries



With power outages happening around the world, stay in power regardless of the situation. Keep your family warm, your food cold, and your devices powered during blackouts. WattAnt provides a stable source of power right at your fingertips, never worry about power outages again.

While on the road, have a worry-free life even if you’re cooking, running the AC, or using the refrigerator. It’s not just a matter of safety but also having an enjoyable lifestyle.

One of WattAnt’s special features is the battery is swappable, so you can extend your usage time by having backup batteries. This means, if your battery runs out, you can simply take it out, put in a new battery, and keep the power going while you charge the empty battery. You also have the option to choose between 1500Wh and 3100Wh batteries based on your needs.

For 3100wh battery, it will be chain-able. You can chain two 3100wh batteries together to get 6200wh. The two 3100wh batteries can also charge together when they are chained.

With WattAnt, we’ve pushed the limits of technology with our A series. We’ve also brought the price down to make it affordable without compromising its high performance.

Check out our comparison chart with other power stations:

How is WattAnt able to deliver such power with its compact size? The key determining factor for a battery’s size and weight is the battery cell’s energy density. The higher the energy density of a battery cell, the smaller and lighter it is in size and weight to store the same amount of energy.

We use LiNiO2, which has more than double the energy density compared with lead-acid battery or LifePO4. This allows it to be more compact and suitable for mobile use because it is easier to carry and takes up less storage space.

LiNiO2 also has a very high single-cell discharge rate of 3C, meaning it won’t generate heat during high power discharges. The battery’s extremely low single-cell internal resistance at 0.7-0.9MΩ also prolongs the battery service life for up to 20%-30% longer.

With a capacity of up to 3100Wh/1500Wh and an output of 3000W/2000W, WattAnt is one of the most powerful power stations on the market. The weight of WattAnt is 16% lower than that of the competitors while offering up to 35% more power than other power stations with the same size and similar capacity.

Whether you’re going camping, traveling cross-country, or just need power wherever you are, WattAnt provides power to all your appliances or devices. Portable and powerful at the same time.

Bring WattAnt anywhere and power up to 15 devices and appliances simultaneously. WattAnt features one 40-watt USB-C ports, two 18-watt USB-A ports plus six wall outlets on the US edition, and four wall outlets on the International edition.

There are a lot of appliances that require an output of over 2000W, which a lot of other power stations can’t support. On the other hand, WattAnt has an output of 3000W, which is higher than 95% of the power stations in the market. This means WattAnt can run any appliances which require less than 3000W output (and 6000W surge), such as:

In addition, you usually need to run more than one high-wattage appliance at the same time during emergency power outages. Having a total of 3000W will allow you to add more essential devices at once such as a fridge (500W), electric frying pan (1500W), AC (500W), Laptop (49W),  TV Screen (150W), and 6 lights (60W).

And since the battery is swappable, you can replace them in seconds. This ensures your house has electricity for the entire power outage.




For better heat protection, we’ve separated the AC inverter and battery into 2 different parts. The heat generated by the inverter is less likely to dissipate over to the batteries, thus making the lifespan of the batteries longer and WattAnt is able to have better heat protection over our competitors.

WattAnt’s battery management system also provides protection against:


We offer AN EXTENDED battery warranty of 3 years for being an original Kickstarter supporter.

Thanks to solar power, the sun’s radiation can be converted into electricity. It has the least impact on our environment because it doesn’t pollute our water or produce greenhouse gases. Charging by solar is also noise-free.

WattAnt has a connector for the solar panel with a 2000Wh max input, which is perfect for homeowners or those who enjoy a mobile lifestyle.

Charging by solar power can also reduce your electricity bill. In combination with our swappable batteries, you can set up your solar panels to charge one battery while powering your household appliances with another one, then swap them around to keep the power going 24/7.

The company’s founder is an outdoor enthusiast who loves nature and would travel for days with a group of friends.

She understands that choosing a powerful and reliable power station is hard. The size and weight of typical high output and high battery capacity power stations make them very difficult to carry. It also takes too much space at the back of the trunk. Aside from those issues, these batteries also drain too fast and have no options to replace them when needed.

With these difficulties in mind, she decided to build her own portable power station and share it with anyone facing the same situation.

She teamed up with the CTO, who owns a solar power generator factory in operation for over 4 years. He has been developing industrial high output power stations for bullet train systems and airplanes.

With his rich experience, we designed our unit from the scratch. We polished it until we are confident to offer 3 years warranty.

We run full functional and safety tests on each unit before it leaves the factory. Since we value our users and would like to help you resolve any issues you might encounter with our product,  we offer 24/7 customer service guaranteed to reply within 2 hours.

We’ll make sure to listen closely to what you have to say in order for us to develop products that solve most of the pain points of portable power station users while still easy to use.

Kindly write your requirements we can discuss further in more details based on your needs.

You can also email us at eeenew.com@gmail.com directly for Special Inquiry.